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08.00: The young birds will be let out and will be called back in at 09.00-09.30 o’clock.

The young birds will be released in small groups, to minimise the losses.

The aviaries will also be opened in the weekend, both Saturdays and Sundays - Paul will do this to let the pigeons get more used to the surroundings.

Kent Olsen will take care of the feeding in the morning.

NOTICE: The young birds will only fly if the weather is permitting.

In the morning, the loft will be cleaned, the young birds are also receive fresh water and corn every morning.

At the time between 15-16 o’clock the youngsters will be feed again. They will be let out in the afternoon if they have not been out in the morning, but they will be called in again at 16.00 o’clock at the latest.

Paul McBurnie will take care of the feeding in the afternoon.


There will be fresh grit, pikstone and vitaplus, that will always be available for the pigeons.

The feeding will be in feeding trough, measured quantity food for each pigeon.

There will be used the following pigeon mixtures:

Versele-Laga Junior Plus
(in the beginning we will also add a mixture for the young birds without maize for a bigger proteincontent.)

Later in the course we will endeavour only to use Junior Plus

Vitamin Programme

There will be used vitamins from Versele Laga.

Ducolvit: Liquid multivitamin.
B-Pure: 100% Beeryeast.
Garlic Oil: Garlic oil.
Form Oil: Multi oil with 10 diff. kinds of oil.
Digestal: Florastimul and lactic acid bacteria.

When we have received all the youngsters, they will be treated against trichomonades for 8 days.
Thereafter they will treat against salmonella for 8 days.
You can get further details by contacting Paul McBurnie phone: +45 2033 7285 or by mail pmc@meldgaard.com